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A word used to define an attractive person. Typically used as the more feminine version of studmuffin, but in some cases can apply to both genders. Used mainly as an affectionate term.
by Ganiel Drimes August 15, 2010
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stud cupcake: noun, a gay man who is unusually adept at getting the penis similar to stud muffin who is straight
Alex is a stud cupcake last night he was at DU and wound up grinding with 10 football players. He later went home and instead of sexiling his roomat he invited him in intercourse with two linebackers he brought home. Although he was a staunch Republican and a straight male, Alex's being a stud cupcake seduced him with mere bat of his eyelashes and caress of his hair.
by ballin69allthetime November 28, 2006
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