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Studaism is a religion founded by Stuart Locke, widely regarded as one of the strangest people you will ever meet... Anywhere, although he disagrees with this because "he's sexy, not strange (much)". The name is a combination of the religion Judaism and his name Stubert or nickname Stuart.
Jimothy: What do you believe in Donald?
Donald: I believe in the Fungal King and the Gods of Studaism!
by Stuthulu September 07, 2011
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Jan 18 Word of the Day
1. Blue Monday is the most depressing day of the year, calculated by Dr. Cliff Arnall, a researcher at the University of Cardiff's Center for Lifelong Learning.
Factors used to calculate the date included weather conditions, debt level, time since Christmas, time since failing our New Year's resolutions, low motivation and feeling the need to take action.

In 2005 the date was calculated as January 24th, in 2006 it was January 23rd, and in 2007 it was January 22nd.

2. A song by the hard rock band Orgy from their album Candy Ass.
1. Guy: "Aw man, I feel like absolute shit today."
Friend: "Yeah, same here. I hate Blue Monday."

2. "I wish I could sing Blue Monday to my ex-girlfriend, she's such a bitch."
by L_Roku August 31, 2007
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To listen to your inner Stu. To embrace changes in life with your Stupendous Student inStude you.

May the Stu be with you.
Charles: I can't find god anywhere!
Shirley: Have you tried under the bed?
Charles: Yes, the bastard isn't under there
Shirley: Oh, I'm out of ideas, may as well join Studaism
Charles: May the Stu be with you
Shirley: Fuck off, Charles.
by Freedom Badger January 30, 2009
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