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Studaism is a religion founded by Stuart Locke, widely regarded as one of the strangest people you will ever meet... Anywhere, although he disagrees with this because "he's sexy, not strange (much)". The name is a combination of the religion Judaism and his name Stubert or nickname Stuart.
Jimothy: What do you believe in Donald?
Donald: I believe in the Fungal King and the Gods of Studaism!
by Stuthulu September 07, 2011
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To listen to your inner Stu. To embrace changes in life with your Stupendous Student inStude you.

May the Stu be with you.
Charles: I can't find god anywhere!
Shirley: Have you tried under the bed?
Charles: Yes, the bastard isn't under there
Shirley: Oh, I'm out of ideas, may as well join Studaism
Charles: May the Stu be with you
Shirley: Fuck off, Charles.
by Freedom Badger January 30, 2009
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