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The magical place where scalping pieces of shit venture to sell their unethically acquired concert tickets at prices even Donald Trump would scoff at.
Penny: "Hey did you get those Arcade Fire tickets?"
Joe: "No, but there's already 117 tickets on StubHub and the cheapest one is $198. CUNTS."
by idontusejelly April 18, 2011
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The one to two days hair growth on a woman's pubic region.
I was going down on my girlfriend and she had some serious stub hub, why doesn't she take care of that shit everyday.
by Gary Nelson January 20, 2011
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Hey, I just met this girl on stub hub.

Huh, awesome!

Only problem is that I don't like chicks I can throw more than 4 feet, and I can throw her like 50 feet.
by 360xanaxlord January 04, 2017
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Down syndrome fingers. A girl with very short fingers or shorter than normal fingers that you have a sexual relationship with. Usually used in terms of massage or hand jobs. Mc-Hiney
Iā€™m going to see my stubhub today, I really need a handjob.
by Dl19752 October 01, 2018
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Hiding the movie ticket on your person and having your partner find it on you.
I played stub hub with my boyfriend last night, he had to search all over for my movie ticket.
by Nine1618 December 17, 2017
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