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Another creation by the notorious Studio cultivators; namely HS and Dmace. the StuBop is a a formative expression of ~vibes~. It is a dance move in which the subject pours out their heart and soul to the tune of "Peice of Your Heart". The move was later curated by Boobs and Gigs. some famous StuBop add-on moves include the: Cardi Boobs Grab, the Studio Suction Harpoon, and the Stinky Finger.
Mate I saw this well fit bird, hit a stinky StuBop, and she was soaked

I cannot for THE LIFE OF ME get that EM Ratajkowski out of the Studio, got Jez to hit a StuBop right quick, and she squirted herself into oblivion.
by dellreeessfade October 08, 2019
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BigNig Nations aka the roughest nigga on the streets Stu Nations aka G-Unit aka Stubop aka ass raping camel Felcher
by NateDogg March 26, 2003
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