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The beguiling, party machine of a man, currently employed as guitarist for popular metalcore band Misery Signals.

Explicitly known for his random and erratic outbursts; scientific studies have established a new condition in light of his perplexing behavior, medically defining it as 'Sturettes'. Sturettes is derived from the well known neurological condition, Tourettes. At this time, researchers believe that the primary difference in disorders, is that 'Sturettes' is known to only affect Stu Ross. It is unclear if the condition is contagious by means of human contact. Furthermore, analysis has demonstrated the best description of these spasmodic, volatile behavioral surges, is 'Sturepisodes'.
Girl, last night Stu Ross was fucking me from behind and halfway through, when he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, I think he had a Sturepisode...
by fatgirlsrevenge January 25, 2009
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