Underdog character in the "Homestarrunner.com" series; anatomy is dominated by spherical shapes; often complains and whines, thus causing much pain from his brothers, Strong Bad and Strong Mad; has elephant legs.
Strong Sad has good penmanship, but most people find him annoying beyond sanity.
by Strokes fan February 2, 2004
A pathetic, grey being with elephant feet that is constantly tortured by his brother Strong Bad. Enjoys talking to walls and trees, playing board games with other board games, and hoping that one day he could die. However, evidence shows that he was once happy with Strong Bad.
"Each day, we die a little more..."-Strong Sad
by dpo June 21, 2004
A brother to Strong Bad and Strong Mad, and a character who goes along with the famous Homestar Runner. Has elephant feet, a spheric body, and is gray. Also has very good penmanship.
"... on FM radio! Don't you ever make me do that again!" -Strong Sad
by Veronica January 5, 2005
1. A cute, gray thing that is mistreated a lot by the people in homestarrunner.com
by WHALE August 27, 2003
A fat, depressed guy.
Constantly is pummeld by his two brothers: strong mad and strong bad.
"I like board games more than most people. And by that I guess I mean: I
like most board games more than I like
most people".
by person yo-yo September 12, 2003
Brother of Strong Bad and Strong Mad. Is constantly depressed and abused. Has one too many boring and depressing story. See Also "The Wiggity Wiener"
by Homestar_fan June 23, 2003
A fat, underappreciated, elephant-footed, gray guy who talks to trees, board games, and walls. He is good at drawing and writing, but socialy dead. His brothers are Strong Mad and Strong Bad.
by Ratboy November 10, 2003