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kickin' ass and taking names. Like going somewhere to chew bubble gum and kick ass only to find out that you're all out of bubble gum. Rockin' out with your cock out, jammin' out with your clam out. Cooking a ridiculous amount of dinners in a bistro with shit prep people and shit servers and just owning it!
Kev Roe was straight Stromin' in the Bistro tonight!!!!
by mesqueunclub10 April 05, 2011
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1-To saunter aimlessly in a sedated, leisurely manner that unsystematically encompasses a wide area and can last up to days per Strom.
2-Erratic walking with a murderous/deranged demeanor that is highly unstable and is impossible to resist.
3-A nice casual walk to enjoy the day(or night) as well as nature's beauty without a destination in mind.
1- The crackhead was lost and confused after stromin for two days.
2- Eddy was stromin through the park when three children disappeared.
3- The couple were stromin in the park with their dog Timmy.
by ingrain99 June 11, 2018
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