Noun. Portmanteau of "street" and "road": it describes a street, er, road, built for high speed, but with multiple access points. Excessive width is a common feature. A common feature in suburbia, especially along commercial strips. Unsafe at any speed, their extreme width and straightness paradoxically induces speeding. Somewhat more neutral than synonymous traffic sewer.
Did you see what the traffic engineers want to do to our street? They're going to turn it into a total stroad!
by hammersklavier January 27, 2012
Stroad is a mix of street and road. It's too wide and fast to be safe for pedestrians while having too many intersections and driveways for an efficient movement of cars
You can also use this word in a derogatory way
This guy is such a dumbass, he probably likes stroads
Liking stroads is worse than kubising
by notaferenc123 August 31, 2022
The word Stroad orginates from the last name of Stroud, it is a word that is mixed with choad and stroad. also stroudem is the word stroud and scrodem mixed
Hey doctor dont tought my stroudem
Shut up Strouse u stupid Stroad
by billy November 16, 2004