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In Romanian mythology, strigoi (same form singular or plural) are the evil souls of the dead rising from the tombs (or living) that transform into an animal or phantomatic apparition during the night to haunt the countryside, troubling whoever it encounters.

Strigoi are also known as "moroi" in some parts, especially rural areas. They are close relatives of the werewolves known as "pricolici" or "vârcolaci", the latest also meaning "goblin" at times.

A Vampire, Werewolf, Demon, Devil, Warlock, Evil Spirit, Undead.
Strigoi is an evil force that cannot be stopped.

by Vladd Tepes February 14, 2007
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Strigoi are not born they're made. Innocent humans, dhampires and moroi are turned into Strigoi by another Strigoi, but some Moroi turn Strigoi by choice. How can one do that? They do that after sucking all the blood out of another human/dhampire/moroi and then basically they're life has ended. They loose their magic, their life and their happiness to becoming hunters of Moroi, to kill all Moroi and drink their blood.

They live for Moroi blood. They'll kill and drink the blood of dhampires and of humans, but it's Moroi blood they crave the most. So each Moroi will be assigned a dhampire when they go out into the world. Royals will receive two to help protect them from the Strigoi.

There are three ways to kill a Strigoi. One way is to stab them in the heart with a stake, another is to set them on fire and the last one is to cut off their throat. Of course, if you don't have a stake, or a knife or any way of getting fire quickly, your best option is to GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE.... meaning, run.
The strigoi seek no beauty or love, only blood and death.
by -Vampire Academy Fan! <3 March 18, 2011
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