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(Mor-oy) A Moroi is a vampire, a good one, not like Strigoi. A Moroi has magic, and its elemental. Theres fire, water, earth, or air. There is also spirit. Spirit is rare, and you can tell if a Moroi's elemental magic is spirit if they haven't developed after the usual time or after they should have if they were a late bloomer.They are living vampire's, and they drink the blood of humans, aka feeders. They are to be protected by Dhampirs, who are Guardians. Fire Moroi control fire. Water Moroi control water, and so on. Spirit users are rare and unique, and when they use spirit, there are dangerous side effects. Spirit users can: Visit people in their dreams, heal people, create charms that calm or heal people as long as their charming real silver, create disguises, and use compulsion. There are more things that are yet to be discovered by Richelle Mead. ;D! there are also the side effects to spirit. Rage that can make you more mad then you seem. It causes you to do dangerous things. The other elements have no side effects.
She is a very pretty Moroi.
by -Vampire Academy Fan! <3 March 18, 2011
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