decendts of kings and queens- oldest name recorded in U.S.A.
King Strickland we praise you!
by Adripie February 23, 2009
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A famous film director of the motion picture thriller, Dual Mania.
Joseph Strickland is only one of the few African American directors of suspense thrillers.
by LavaSoap August 18, 2018
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Heavy Rock guitar player from Washington state. Best know for his thick tone, psychedelic blues runs and playing guitar solos with a drum stick.
Did ya see that Spook Strickland dude last night? he was playing with a drum stick on his freaking guitar!
by PeavySunn November 15, 2010
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tends to be a manwhore but is someone that you cannot stay mad at. what he lacks in a relationship, he makes up for in friendship. many people believe he may secretly be a rodeo clown. Some people even go as far as to think that he is a clown due to his brightly colored clothing. he is also associated with several groups such as the bermuda trriangle, super smashed bros and the family
by tweez123 August 01, 2011
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A character from King of The Hill who owns Strickland Propane.
Hank Hill: "I sell propane and propane accessories"

Buck Strickland: " Screw you, you native Texan..."

Customer: " Gimme your grill before I dust your ass!"
by Travis Rashawn Ford September 22, 2006
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A snotty slimy saliva freakazoid! You'd never want to eat near this disgusting ball of crap! He mixes salad and spaghetti and enjoys every bite. He sneezes and booger blasts all over his hand and doesn't give a damn. He'll shake you're hand anyway. Wiping snot on his hands is a daily routine for this germ.
I hate Tyler Strickland he ruined my trip to kandalore!
by Charmaine Gregory July 05, 2011
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A man of a different breed. Cocky,courageous and a leader over all a terrific friend and lover .A man who would die to save others. He also prefers different tastes in life. He's a flirt but not that good at doing so but he trys so hard you can't help but adore him. There are very few people like this in this world so if you find one do everything in your power to hold on to him. He can be your best friend your favorite loved one or your worst nightmare come to life. He is hard to read but is very rare to snap and hurt someone unless it has to do with his loved ones so you always want to keep your eyes open to find him and if you do hold on and never let go.
Did you hear how good Brock was in bed I want him so bad. Did you hear who Brock Strickland saved two life's the other day he's so courageous
by jackie rose August 10, 2015
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