Any car driven on the street. Most people use it when talking about cars that are built to race but are still driven on the street.Doesn't matter luxery/stripped interior/whatever. If its registered/plates/"legal" than its a street car.
Mikes civic ran 11.6 at the track,but he still drives it to work everyday,so its a street car.
by Ghettokracker71 August 29, 2006
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Any car of any caliber that will race or accelerate at high speeds down an unprepped road. Cars may range from soccer mom vans to tube chassis pro mods. If it can make it down the unprepped road it's a street car.
Person 1: That car isn't plated and insured, that's a racecar not a street car.

Person 2: Get your head out of your ass it just made the fastest pass down the unprepped street all night !
by StreetCarOrNoCar February 11, 2017
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When one spread honey on ones dick, then pours poprocks on over the honey. Once they start popping one performs Anal Sex on their partner. The popping of the pop rocks causes the the nerves and muscles of the anus to relax and the insewing rush of fecal matter is known as the SATURDAY NIGHT STREET CAR.
Man, I could really go for a saturday night street car.
by Gendrix November 13, 2010
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When you live in a bad area and there are police car sirens going off regularly
Guy 1:i could not sleep last night coz of the sirens and flashing lights in my window.........guy 2:Sounds like you live in a police car street disco type of area !
by sqiggles December 28, 2013
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