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The result of when a girl gets too drunk to walk home in her heels, so she takes them off and walks barefoot on the nasty ass streets.
Damn BonBon! you got some nasty ass street foot from walking home from the club last night.
by Mali Boom Boom October 20, 2010
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1) n. - The sport of playing futball or American soccer outside of a traditional setting, usually in a street or an urban area. Street-footing evolved from the absence of athletic fields in heavily populated areas and could be related to the underground progressive urban subculture of street skating, parkour, break dancing, and hip-hop. Street-footing involves urban techniques such as using walls and objects to ricochet off of and goals made from the environment such as cars, trashcans, etc.

2) n.v. - a foot placed in, or the act of placing ones foot in someones face and or mouth while they sleep. This is often a prank for an act previously done to the street-footer by the street-footee. A street-footer often does not wash their feet or induces infections like fungal infections in order to intensify the insult caused by the act of street-footing. Often when street-footing a victim, aclcohol or another intoxicant is involved in making the street-footee fall asleep so the street-footing can easily take place. The street-foot technique is unique to the street-footer.
Some street-footing techniques are listed below...

The Smack - Slapping someones face with the bottom of ones foot. Preferably with dirty or smelly feet.

The Popper/ The Pooer - Repeatedly popping ones heel in and out of the victim's open mouth. Waiting for the sleeping victim to inhale will result in the "pop". If the victim is exhaling the "poo" sound is heard.

The Drag - Dragging the foot over the lenght of the victims face.

The Pick - Sticking a toe or mutiple toes into the victim's nostril/nostrils

The Crusher - Stepping onto the face/head of the victim gradually increasing the pressure with ones body weight.

The Dribbler aka The BooBoo - Rub the toes and ball of the foot around the lips and mouth of the victim in a circular motion. Make sure to finish by grabbing their lower lip with your toes and pull it down.

The Gagger - (WARNING: This technique can be dangerous as victim could bite your f***** toes off! Urban Dictionary is not responsable for injuries caused by those who attempt this technique) Note: This technique is best executed with an assistant. Begin by having your assistant pull the victims mouth down and open wide. Then stuff as much of your foot down the victim's mouth as you can.

Snap, Crackle, Pop - This is a combination technique and speed is vital to pulling off the moneuver. Quickly snap the foot foward into the face with the top of the foot, then quickly tap the victims face two to three times with the bottom of the foot (similar to The Smack) then finish them off with The Popper (see technique above). If executed properly the combination should be completed before the victim is aware of what is happening.
1)-"Hey Julio the parking lot is closed today. Lets street-foot"

2)Dave-O "Adam, yu scumbag! Yu passed out drunk next to me last night and rolled over on me. Watch yur back cuz tonight yur gettin da STREET-FOOT!"

Adam "Yo man I woke up and my mouth taste like ass.
Lance "Yea thats because you got THE STREET-FOOT last night."
by streetfooter March 23, 2008
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