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noun - Winged, city-dwelling dirty-birdy; also known as a PIGEON to the majority of the USA.

The Street Chicken is often shunned and avoided by most of us, most likely because of its tendency to live in rather filthy and seemingly plague-ridden conditions. Alternately, within the transient/homeless population of dense urban areas, they are considered to be quite the fine delicacy.
Hobo Moe: Hey Jack! I ain't been able ta squeeze no cash from these pancakin' rich folks 'round here n' I'm hongry.. Whatcha say we go......huntin'?

Hobo Joe: nnnnrrrratchet!! nnnrrrrBALLS!!! Ahh, yeah I'm witcha on that. I got mah huntin' gear right 'ere. nnnnrrrflakjacket!!

(Hobo Joe pulls a long, strangely twisted wire-hanger from a large drawstring bag; the end of the hanger is twisted into a small loop, probably so as to catch a fleeing street chicken by the neck)

Hobo Moe: Okay buddy, I got mine, too. Let's get to it; I can already taste it! And I already got us some Street Seasoning.

Hobo Joe: Oh me too! Over at the In 'n Out lot nnnnrrrcrchalkfinger!!! Hey I see a flock of 'em right over there; LET'S GET 'EM nnnrrrrrCRAPCAKES!!!

Hobo Moe: AAAAAHHHHH! (charging the flock)

Hobo Joe: homina homina homina woob woob woob nyuck nyuck nyooooo.....
by Blue Oxygen October 31, 2009
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Any type of ultra tiny, "toy breed" dog. These include, while not limited to, Yorkshire Terriers, Japanese Chin and Papillion.
Girl: Can you believe how little Tinkerbell eats? What a great pet.....<swoon>
Guy: I nearly killed your street chicken three times today by stepping on it....
by AKInc April 04, 2010
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a dirty townie or scally, they tuck there jeans or shell suit bottoms in there socks and wear what they call bling bling (i call it fucking shite). Abreed of human that would gladly sell trhere own geandmother for smack, and they are that tight they would sooner peal an orange in there pocket than share, i hate them the cockknockers.
Street Chicken= town or sacally e.g scum.
by barny May 06, 2004
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