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In smaller towns, like Lorne, where everyone knows everyone it is very common that most people will begin creating their own words. As it is, the word Streel or Streeling can only be defined as one thing: the act of being a slut.
I wouldn't be surprised if she gets knocked up soon.. with all the streeling she does..
by imastreel August 03, 2011
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These sexual activities include but are not limited to: passionate kissing, manual stimulation of genitalia and/or breasts in the case of a female; oral stimulation of these parts; sexual intercourse.
by MOP October 13, 2003
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A really messy fight, the complete opposite of a Straightener, pretty much anything is fair game, hair pulling, clawing, biting, kicks to the face, generally wailing on each other.

Put it this way, you know someone is going home with a claw mark on their face after this
Come here te fuck an i'll fuckin streel outa ya
by Fitzer2016 August 31, 2016
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