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Very well known new national broadband service. Better known as SnailX for the super lags and poor service.

Streamyx adalah seperti paip bocor ke Koridor Raya Multimedia. TM Net telah memalukan impian Wawasan 2020 dengan perkhidmatan servis begini.
Using Streamyx is like watching paint peel off the wall.
by Sammy Vellu November 16, 2003
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As defined by its service provided Telekom Malaysia, Streamyx is a broadband access
service which provides 'always on' connection to the Internet with speed bandwidths from 384k up to 2Mb/s. With the high-speed connectivity/ bandwidth, the service is ideal to support most broadband applications such as, web hosting, video streaming, e-commerce, distance learning and others. See also lies,fake promises,deceit,lag,bad and avoid at all costs.
by darkangel April 20, 2004
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