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Primarily used in an academic setting to describe a scenario where a person has no choice but to mindlessly follow along with a situation that may have negative consequences or be completely void of logic and reason.

This originally referred to the Kafkaesque attempt to learn the philosophy of the German-Jew Leo Strauss (an attempt best described as a futile, self-infliction of mental anguish) but has since evolved into a more generic term. Professors and advocates of Strauss' philosophy are known for being staunch defenders of his writings through even the most devastating of critiques.

Characteristics of Strauss' writings are:

-Summing up the ideologies and life's work of a philosopher in a brief, passing remark when a thorough and in-depth knowledge would be necessary to comprehend the arguments being made.
-Writing ironically or, without warning, speaking from the perspective of a writer he completely disagrees with.

-Using the same logical fallacies that he criticizes in others.
-Writing an endnote that fills multiple pages of text.

The term is applied when an absurd lack of reason or logic has forced the victim into an uncomfortable corner.
Student A: "But didn't Aristotle say (example)?"
Professor: "Ah but Strauss said about Aristotle that (loosely related example). Does that make more sense now?"
Student A: "Ok..."
Student B: *whispers* "You got Strauss'd"
Student A: "How are your finals going?"
Student B: "Fine, except my professor moved up the due
date on the term paper. Now I have 3 papers due on the same day."
Student A: "You got Strauss'd."
by StraussStudent May 11, 2011
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