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Stratford High school, the place where all kids where are leggings big sweaters from lululemon, patagonia, and vineyard vines. I the "rich" kids, the "nice" kids, the "cool" kids, the "goth"kids and all those other there isnt in stratford all you have is a big blob of white people trying to be somebody they just so they can "fit" in with the other guys or girls and when people seem nice and you feel like your true friends, when you see them in the hallways they don't even say "hi" even though they make direct eye contact with you and you like the new girl or guy you are just get sad well NO YOU NEED TO SAY FUK YOU BITCH AND YOUR GROUP OF WHITE ASS BASIC " FRIENDS". This is stratford high.
I fucking love Stratford High School. #whiteassfuck #fuckstratford
by beyourselfalwaysnomatterwhat February 01, 2018
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The most "diverse" school in the area yet still bleached af. The "poor" part of memorial (Upper middle class) people trying to be black by listening to rap and trap but somehow still basic? Considered one of the better schools at sports but still never win anything worth anything. Ratchet ass bathrooms exist but you can still find occasional turds in the hallway. Where people aren't 100% fake, but still fake enough to use you and leave you when they want. Not rich like the Memorial kids so we don't own any bmws but we have used jeeps. We're also too poor to do any hardcore drugs so we have a huge problem with vaping and weed. Everyone somehow gets into everyone's pants by senior year.

School rating 5/10 (failing)
You saw the Stratford high school kids losing to Klein again? Man, what are they good at?
by Yellowmelanin August 19, 2017
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