" Straight to Business"

Getting straight to the point, straight to the purpose, wasting no time, straight to business..
"I got my milk, i got my cereal, straight to business"

"Ima drop $1,000 on my first date with her so i can cop quick, straight to business"
by Sword Fish June 22, 2012
The act of being a boss, player, pimp or just an all around no nonsense guy. Keeping composure when things get out of hand. Also can be shortened to Straight Biz.
Dude Matt Damon was straight Business in that movie Bourne Identity.

Dude that guy looks sick in a tie, hes totally Straight Biz.

Man Mr. Reynolds doesn't mess around, he is Straight Biz.
by dthedancer October 13, 2010
The act of masturbating without any available lubricant. For variation, see Risky, Unholy, Slippery, and Funny Business.
Jake: Man, I'm about to go Straight Business when I get home.

Brandon: Dude! Vaseline Men is 2.99 on special!
by helen eastefon March 23, 2011