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A bearded man that hails from the State of Tasmania, Australia. His name is often yelled at high decibel levels to attract attention. The size of his beard is comparable only to the length of his public hair which has been likened to that of Osama bin Laden's beard. A Stozza is known for political debate and never diverging from its own opinion. Commonly found smoking substances if left unprovoked it will most likely offer you some.
Oi 'Stozza' get ere cunt
by Meeks Moose Man August 18, 2014
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Nickname for the village of Storrington in West Sussex, England.
Storrington, or Stozza, is a large village and civil parish in West Sussex, England. Actually two villages and two hamlets combined. These are Storrington and Sullington, and Cootham and Heath Common respectively. It is situated at the base of the South Downs, and just outside the borders of the South Downs National Park. Being such a close settlement to the South Downs yet not actually being included in the National Park is frustrating for some residents as some villages and towns further down the South Downs but also further from the Downs are part of the Park. This is also frustrating as it means that there is not a harsh limit on development, as there would be in the National Park, so many green spaces in and around Storrington might be turned into housing developments.
by D. Ziggy Ismeretlen January 03, 2011
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