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Stowe is a town in Vermont. It is small with only about 3,500 people, but is actually the largest town geographically. It is a wealthy town with a very prestigious public high school of 200 students. Stowe High School, along with Rice, CVU, Burlington, Montpelier, Woodstock and U-32, is not your typical redneck Vermont High School. The high school is very elitist and has sent students to many esteemed colleges (Cornell, Harvard, Brown, Columbia, Bates, Boston College and more). It is mostly a preppy school. The students do not consider themselves to be an actual high school. The school is centered around a library and most of the classrooms have no walls connecting them to the library.

Stowe High School is known for about three things. As mentioned before, SHS is very preppy and elitist. It is also known for its good sports teams the boys soccer teams has won states three years running, girls soccer teams has always made it far into playoffs, boys hockey has been far into playoffs and made finals last year, girls hockey always does well, the boys tennis team is undefeated for the past six years and girls tennis has been in the finals for the past five years. Lastly Stowe is known for its dances. They are known to get a little out of control, where grinding is accepted and dfmo's run wild.

Stowe is not well liked by other schools in the small state.
I heard you guys lost those rich preppy assholes from Stowe High School
by Barakisha October 17, 2010
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