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1. a Marketplace for baby & kid items
2. a Community of informed parents
3. plural for one who deals in the fun biz of buying & selling baby & kid items.
Whenever my kids outgrow an item of clothing, I sell it on
by MI-5 May 12, 2011
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A person who carries out dealings with birds of the Ciconiidae variety. May involve buying, selling, growing and also delisting of such said avian species.

Usually a storkbroker carries out his or her activities in a regulared stork Exchange, such as the London Stork Exchange, the New York Stork Exchange, or the Tokyo Stork Exchange. According to regulations trading storks at arms length is currently mandatory for safety reasons, particularly to avoid being pecked in the nether regions.

The stork broker may also trade future contracts on storks for future delivery.

Requisites for storkbroking are passing the stork exchange regulation exam (usually "Rules, regulations and safety precautions in Stork Broking") and also the analysis exam "Storks : Product knowledge, analysis and slaughtering methods".
Did you hear about Jim the storkbroker?
He short-slaughtered 10 000 African Spoonbills and covered back at closing to make a huge profit!
by Shizuma April 03, 2008
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