Said in sarcasm to someone who you believe to be judging you for your actions, or what you have just said. It is used especially in situations when the other person is in fact not yelling, just speaking calmly about the situation.

Usually, the person using the term 'Stop yelling' is only saying this because they believe what they have just said could be taken in the wrong context or may have just sounded really stupid.

'Don't yell', 'stop shouting', 'calm down', 'calm your farm', 'relax your undies' and 'relax your farm' are all synonyms.
"I accidentally ate catfood the other day"
"Oh, ew- are you okay?" *genuinely concerned voice*
"Alright stop yelling!"

When I told her what I did on Friday, she just looked at me funny, but I told her to stop yelling.
by ClockfaceGeorgey July 3, 2012
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