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1. A rather prison-like school located in the rich ghetto town of Stonington, CT.
2. A place where the grades are low and the kids are high. AKA Stoned-Again High.
3. My least favorite place to be.
Hey I'm from Stonington High. Wanna skip class and smoke a bowl?
by deucepickleweaselfurd May 03, 2005
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Stonington High School- also known as; Stonerton. Almost every student comes to school high off their asses everyday. It's the local pot head school. Everyone here is either high during first period or juuling the bathroom. A group of stuck up white kids and ghetto wanna be are all mixed together and shoved in one prison. This school is the first thing you see when you arrive to hell.
Stonington High:

Billy: "Yo Aaron, let's go smoke a bowl and skip last period."
by yourlocaldruggie May 15, 2018
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