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Stoners who engage in various activities and experiments in order to develop new ways, shapes, and forms to get high. In most cases they fail epically and do some borderline stupid shit, because, well, their stoners
Apple bongs, Butter, Edibles, vaporizers and other ingenious devices developed by stoners.

John: Man bruce is such a stoner scientist, hes trying to see if he can make a bong out of a turtle

Bryan: how is that even possible?

John: stoner Science brah
by DigidyDoc June 27, 2010
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occurs when an individual on marijuana starts making assumptions that they believe are in fact true. Stoner science is usually characterized by many illusory correlations i.e., when the stoned individual believes that two events are related when in reality they are not.
Example 1: the stoned individual believes that since his dog is stoned and passed out by the water bowl, his dog is happy. In reality, the dog has passed out because he is experiencing marijuana toxicity and probably is not happy about being poisoned.

Stoner: "Hey man, Ruggles is so happy after those bong rips he passed out before he could nosh on some dog munchies. Hell yea!"

Example 2: the stoned individual believes that since he is not as fat as his fatter friend, he can metabolize marijuana more efficiently and get more stoned. In reality, the "stoned" individual purchased lower-grade marijuana and "feels" very high because of a placebo effect, buyer's remorse, or incompetence.

Fat Guy Stoner: "Hey man, I took 3 bong rips and I am not that high. What's up with that?"

Stoner: "You don't feel anything because you are fat. Don't get mad, it's just science".

Fat Guy Stoner: "Really?" "Because that sounds like some Stoner science."
by THLO March 09, 2012
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