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The time in which subhuman boneheads beat someone up who is too enebriated to defend themselves. An extreme act of cowardice where idiotic simians make themselves appear hard by breaking the bones of a person who is barely able to stand up!
Person 1 I like that girl but she only likes bad boys
Person 2 Well do something bad then
Person 1 I'm a pussy
Person 2 Go bash that stoner, even you can beat someone up who is practically asleep
Person 1 Wahey! It's Stoner Bashin Time.
by Azzylum April 01, 2006
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When an obviously stoned individual approaches u and you just can't resist the temptation to fuck them up
"yo look at jonny over there, hes such a fucken waste of life he snorts ten lines a day and rolls a blunt every 5 minutes, i say we go grab that old wrench in my shed and have some stoner bashin time!"
by stoner bashed July 29, 2005
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originally used in "Dude, Where's My Car?"

During a period of time when you see one or more totally stoned wastes of life (see also faggot) and you just cannot resist the urge to beat the hell out of them, usually with a ball bat or other heavy object.
"Hey, man, look at Brian over there. He's so stoned that he can't even tie his shoes, let alone finish 10th grade and be of any use to society. Looks like it is definately Stoner Bashin Time."
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