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Though rare, the stomp job can be pretty popular in the Cambodian area. Popularized in U.S. by the fame of Ashton Kutcher, Bill Clinton, and Juan Valdez, the stomp job consists of three stages, with the final stage being the act's namesake. It requires at least 1 penis.

Phase 1: Everyone involved gets into a circle, and if only two are participating face each other. You must alternate penis and non-penis.

Phase 2: Every other person gets a blowjob/handjob/vaginajob/assjob/earjob.

Phase 3: Anyone that is getting pleasured must get down onto their knees right before they cum and get stomped on by their partner.
"I fucking hate stomp jobs. Ashton can go to hell."
by philadave69 May 17, 2009
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