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Type of cancer you can only find on youtube. He is the epitome of darknenn. Sometimes looks like a telletubby.
Has become a meme for drilling himself in the head and smoking cardboard
"I have no friends, I have no enemies, ah shit. My life is fucking boring man, ah yes, sometimes I...I upload like ten vidoes in one day because I have no life, Anyway...". My name is Stomedy
by Dinotrux4lyfeochinchin May 04, 2016
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A black African American (maybe) that is so savage, he drills himself in the head. This teletubbie lookin ass is more brain dead than Hitler, and he's been dead for years. Plus this fuckin retard is a drinking game. Every time he says "Ok?" to see if his little amount of subscribers are caught up with what he's saying, take a shot of bleach (or Vodka, whichever is closer).
C1: Dude! I think I want to kill myself after watching that Stomedy video.
C2: Do it!
by LuekemianRhapsody June 16, 2016
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The god of youtube.

He is amazing because he does things that will eventually kill him and do us all a favor.
Guy: Can’t wait till Stomedy does another video of him frinking bleach and drilling his head!
Me: i know right! Those were always my favorites!
by Teamykids January 02, 2019
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An idiot who!s YouTube intro is cringeworthy, this intro had been followed by drilling himself in the head and drinking bleach, all for dem YouTube views, this has caused him to be rightfully roasted by YouTubers such as Leafy_Is_Here his response to this was becoming one with the darkness
Stomedy is an idiot.
by Hunter_Rose May 29, 2016
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