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Stofe is a word made in a fifth-grade classroom in Claysburg-Kimmel Elementary School. The word was first used as a synonym for 'cool' or 'fanfreakingtastic'. The word was found on the back of a very old bookmark that some people believe is dated back to the 70's/80's. Although not the most popular word, it is believed to have many believers throughout the Claysburg-Kimmel School Destrict. It's mostly used for sarcastic situations. Do not get the spelling mixed-up with 'Stof'
Elizabeth: I found out that by the theory of Edison, E does NOT equal mc2, BUT mc3!

Sarah: Thats so stofe, Elizabeth. *Rolls eyes*

Elizabeth: Ikr!
by mason4456 May 21, 2010
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The term used to describe the movement of an object that moves accross anything.
Look! It's William, look at the way he stoves accross the street.
by Jared G. January 30, 2005
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