One who stands around corners, blocks, and alleyways waiting to rob someone.
Man i was on Union street last night and them stick up kids was out.
by N0t0ri0us Hustla September 17, 2004
A person who robs people and/or stores.
"In broad daylight stick up kids they run up on us" -- Nas
by AC March 25, 2005
Ghetto youth who make their money by robbing, or "jacking", random people on the streets, using some type of pistol or handheld firearm. Coming from the process of holding somewhat at gunpoint, or "sticking them up".
by Dylan McKay August 7, 2004
fresh, cool calm collective person, eloquent with words and has raw style for days
stick up a real hiphop emcee
by a Spanish poet November 30, 2014