Steve Terreberry, a Canadian youtuber that loves to shred and djent. He is also a weird but funny person that fixes horrible musicians.
Stevie T: Hey hey, I'm Stevie T and today, we will be looking at djent and horrible musicians.
by notsalty7897 May 8, 2019
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Steve Terreberry is an American YouTuber known for being an expert shredder on guitar. He was offered a role in the band DragonForce from Lee himself, as the triangle player. As of now, Steve has 2.32 million subscribers, and he needs 3 million. You can be apart of the 3 mil sub club.if you do consider subscribing. It's free. If you like (professional) guitar playing, and ads from Manscaped, then Steve is your guy.
This is a sentence with Steve Terreberry's name in it.

Also I have to put 'Steve Terreberry (Stevie T)' in here or it won't let me continue.

by AlexDoesWeerdStuff December 4, 2020
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