One fine ass Canadian youtuber who rose to fame in the 2000’s after poking fun at Celebrity’s Lil Wayne’s guitar skills. He is best known for playing guitar and reacting to hidden messages in popular songs. He’s super hot but doesn’t know it. Especially when he plays guitar. I’m a slut for this man. Steve, if you’re reading this, you are one fine ass dude.
Sarah: “Who’s that hot dude over there”
Nathen: “Oh that’s Steve Terreberry

Steve: Calalalalalalalala pickle sandwiches
by Treasure Pressure! February 18, 2022
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Steve Terreberry is an American YouTuber known for being an expert shredder on guitar. He was offered a role in the band DragonForce from Lee himself, as the triangle player. As of now, Steve has 2.32 million subscribers, and he needs 3 million. You can be apart of the 3 mil sub club.if you do consider subscribing. It's free. If you like (professional) guitar playing, and ads from Manscaped, then Steve is your guy.
This is a sentence with Steve Terreberry's name in it.

Also I have to put 'Steve Terreberry (Stevie T)' in here or it won't let me continue.

by AlexDoesWeerdStuff December 4, 2020
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