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A fat weak piece of shit that drives a 1950's yellow corolla who runs and cries to his daddy about everything and is in psychotic classes because hes a retard because all the fat molecules went to his head because they ran out of room in his white house sized ass.He Has a dick so tiny you wouldn't be able to see it even with a microscope, but it doesn't matter because he will never get girl because hes fat, gay, and hasn't hit puberty yet and the only hair on his body other than his head is on the moles on the side of his face which get covered in cheese every time he eats a pretzel because hes so fat that he cant get the food in his mouth so he has to rub it on his face so it absorbs into his fat ass. His ass is so fat that 1 out of 5 chairs he sits in will break from the extreme amount of weight, and no one likes him.
Steven Phan is a fat shit that has no talent what so ever and should go kill himself, but he will probably fail because there is no rope in the world that can support his weight and no bullet in the world that can penetrate his fat ass.
by brycethelittlegayfaggot September 05, 2016
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