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Stetsonphobia - ie: Cowboy hat scardy cat.

Stetsonphobia is the illogical fear and revulsion toward cowboy hats. Although Stetson is just one brand of cowboy hat, these visceral reactions

fit the same criteria for all brands of cowboy hats. Most historians agree that Stetsonphobia is a recent phenomenon coming out of the nascar subculture, where any driver wearing even a simple cowboy hat is ridiculed by afflicted fans and attack on a personal level. These historians have verified that just 2 decades ago, drivers wearing cowboy hats were often worshipped as gods of racing, even when wearing sissified cowboy hats and those garnished with gay and happy feather arraignments.

Some societal psychologist suggest these reactions are rooted in the financial ineguities inherent in all capitalist economic systems. They base these finding on the particular hatred of the cowboy hat wearing Dillon brothers, as the negative reactions to those hats are almost always accompanied by complaints of privilege and an easy life enjoyed by both young men. These added reactions are referred to as 'complex Stetsonphobia'.
Simple Stetsonphobia.

"That hat stinks! I hate cowboy hats".

"I would root for that driver if he didn't wear that gross hat".

Complex Stetsonphobia.

"Those #@$%^&* Dillons boys and their stupid $%#$&* %^&*$#@ hats! They are so spoiled by their rich Gramps. I HATE THEM".
by FenderBumper September 18, 2013
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