The Mastermind Author Of Horror Fiction.
Stephen King's Books: Carrie, Misery, Rage, Thinner, The Shining, Salems Lot etc.
by Shaune February 16, 2006
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Stephen King is an amazing writer. His novels can be described as horror/mystery/drama. Sometimes when authors write horror novels and try to be gory, they fail miserably and end up writing tasteless crap, but King adds a certain descriptiveness to his gory scenes that I've hardly seen any other authors do. Another thing that sets his work apart is that some authors just add a bunch of filler to their novels, but he delivers the random information to the audience in a way that actually helps the story flow. Those are two reasons why I think Stephen King is one of the greatest authors.
Some of Stephen King's work includes Carrie, It, Cujo, The Shining, Desperation, and The Green Mile (the last two being my favorites). A superb movie was made of The Green Mile, and I hope they make a movie of Desperation someday, too.
by 62orion86 March 23, 2006
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Writer from Maine, who has written a large number of novels, novellas and short stories, many made into movies, miniseries or TV specials. He has been often regarded as a horror writer, but he cannot be so easily categorized. His works run from fantasy, science fiction, Western, horror, thriller, mystery, supernatural and suspense. Most of the movies made from his works have had the horror aspect greatly magnified. A few of his works (namely The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Stand and The Shining miniseries) have translated very well into video. He is also the author of the epic Dark Tower series, the tale of Roland Deschain of Gilead and his quest to gain the Dark Tower with the help of his ka-tet of Eddie Dean, Susannah Dean, Jake Chambers and Oy of Midworld. There are a number of works related to this epic, such as Black House, Insomnia, Hearts In Atlantis, Everything's Eventual, The Little Sisters of Eluria, 'Salem's Lot, From A Buick 8, The Stand and Eyes Of The Dragon. The books in the Dark Tower series are:

The Gunslinger
The Drawing Of The Three
The Waste Lands
Wizard And Glass
Wolves Of The Calla
Song Of Susannah
The Dark Tower

Stephen King "retired" after finishing the last of these, but has since written a few more novels, notably "Cell", which is similar to the Stand, but with a twist. It is a lot less supernatural than The Stand, and there is no final struggle of good vs. evil.

Stephen King also has a penchant for killing his characters off by the end of the novel. He has also mastered the art of ending the story before you find out everything that happened. He seems to want to leave that up to his Constant Readers.
"Stephen King is a hack writer!" (Said by someone who has never read a single one of his books)

"Stephen King is a freakin' genius!" (Said by someone who has just finished the Dark Tower series)
by gadjitfreek August 23, 2006
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one good writer
can write some creepy stuff
and some stuff that makes you think
The Dark Tower
Drawing of the Three
were all writen by Stephen King
by m&m's July 20, 2005
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That one author who made a group of kids gangbang
"Have you heard of Stephen King?"
"His stuff is creepy and horrific"
by Fobesnu October 25, 2020
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Stephen King is an author in Maine who has written many novels of the horror genre. His books are very well written, and his characters are well thought-out, with main characters usually having a very sarcastic attitude. Some novels have the character's insanity playing the role as the enemy, while in others, the main characters face more a battle between good and evil.
Pet Semetary is such a good Stephen King book!
by AOZ January 11, 2011
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The most incredible human being to ever walk the Earth. Has written over 50 books, all of them being bestsellers.
Stephen King>Water
by joebobkingman5000 April 17, 2011
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