A participant in the show "Wife Swap" (abc) in the January 30, 2009 episode.

Wife Swap is a simple enough show. Two women (usually with very different families and very different lifestyles) switch families for a week and live in the other's home. At the end of the week, the two couples have a face-to-face talk with each other, often resulting in arguements.

Stephen Fowler was born in London, England and is a wealthy venture capitalist. He has two young children, a daughter and a son. On the episode he aired on, Fowler repeatedly and openly criticized Gayla Long, the wife that was swapped into his family. He called her "undereducated, overopinionated, and overweight." Fowler dislikes the United States and brags about his IQ (158) and score on the GRE (some college entrance exam). Multiple sites have popped up expressing hate/dislike for Fowler, such as stevenfowlersucks.com. There are even anti-fowler shirts available for purchase.

In conclusion, Stephen Fowler has been branded the "Worst Husband in America" by multiple blogs- go ahead and search him. He even has his own highlight videos on Youtube. Please check them out.
"I play piano, because my dad forces me to." -Stephen Fowler's son

"I probably earn more in a week than you do in a year." -Fowler to his guest in Wife Swap
by search him February 11, 2009
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A husband who has appeared on Wife Swap and is hated by the following:

Rednecks, People in the military, People who have someone they love in the military, Overweight people, People who enjoy Paintball, People who enjoy AT vehicles, People who enjoy GoCarts, People who live in America and call themselves Americans, People who like Fast Food, People who didn't go to college,People who are intellectuals, People who are dietitians and nutritionists, People who are British, People who are environmentalists, People who are from San Francisco.
My name is Stephen Fowler and I hate everyone except... well, except me.
by banana73 February 11, 2009
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