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A very outgoing yet reserved person. Is an amazing friend who always seems to know what to say. Has a huge heart. Very childlike, but can mature in an instant if the need arises. Very pretty and doesn't accept compliments well. Although she may look sweet, which she is, she also has an aggressive side which can be extremely terrifying. But, your damn lucky if you become friends with her. Also a huge dork.
Guy 1:"wow, what an awesome girl! Her name must be Stephania!"
Guy 2:"Of course! Who else can be that awesome?"
by disfoo' November 22, 2010
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She is a beautiful person inside and out who is down to earth and has awesome boobs. Very outgoing yet a reserved person. She doesn't play hard to get, she is hard to get (have patience gentlemen). She is an amazing friend, very caring, has a huge heart and is always smiling. Although she is sweeter than chocolate, she has an aggressive side. A little high maintenance, but she is one of the best people you will ever meet and worth it all. Also a huge dork.
Guy 1: Damn, this girl is something.

Guy 2: Yeah! Her name must be Stephania. Who else would be that awesome!
by Ashby July 08, 2014
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Worse person you can ever meet. She will back stab you and use you just to get the guy she likes and in the end will leave you alone.
Stephania will seem like such a great friend at first and then will use you.
by An0nnym0u$ June 27, 2012
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Hmm...a fake friend, usually blondish / brownish kinda hair. Worst person to meet because she steals best friends that are very close to you. (i was her friend) :(
i was her best friend danmmmm stephania
by johnfort June 11, 2018
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