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A man who is royal. A sweetheart who is also sexy. Has a dick at the size of 8 inch. He fights for his girl and won't play shit. If you mess with the ones he loves. He will find you and he ro t let it go. He finds the one he loves usually starts with an A and won't ever let her go. He good in the sheets. And he is country. Good at sports such as baseball soccer mountain biking cross country and track. Not always the enteligent one but is smart. Doesn't like to hurt feeling. He is flirty and sweet and is usually friends with everyone
Angelina "Isn't that a stensler "

Teresa " ya "
Angelina " man he's smoking hot, and tan, look at how butt. His country acsent is so soothing. He's good in the sheets I've heard. I cent wait to get that dick of 8 inch - 1 foot"
by Stenz003 February 01, 2018
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