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When a person is steel toed, they are a person who shows up to an event, running late and of course wearing the incorrect shoes for the job. This person will end up appearing as a douche in front of a large group of people.
Guy 1:Hey where is joe?
Guy 2: Ah.. he is running probably late.

Joe: Hey guys what did i miss?

Guy 1: hey joe, where are your boots?

Joe: AH..garsh..i forgot again..

Guy 2: HAHA look its steel toed JOE!

Guy 1: Or should I say steel CHODE joe!!
by dnart November 02, 2009
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adj. Extremely stubborn, especially when forced to change a habit.
iBook G4, a laptop ten years old and severely obsolete, was a sign that he was very steel-toed about upgrading computer equipment.
by joedizzle September 17, 2015
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