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(Phrase of State)

1. Any item that is old, archaic or technically obsolete.

2. A outdated idea born of ancient folklore, lacking factual basis in reality and of no real use to modern discourse.

3. Any situation (usually apocalyptic) arising from the hallucinations of a drunk old man, involving thousands of trapped animals having sex and/or killing each other.

4. Thoughtless mispronunciation of the phrase "state of the art" (cutting edge; top of the line)
1) "Dude, is that a fuckin' Zune?" "Yeah man, that POS is seriously State of the Ark!"

2) Shitty countries sometimes enforce State of the Ark legislation prohibiting women from working or going to school.

3) I heard when that crazy old animal hoarder died, whoever found him described the scene as "a blood-soaked bestial orgy" and "practically State of the Ark."

4) People who say "State of the Ark" but actually mean "State of the Art" are so dumb that they must think it was pretty savvy of Noah to listen to that voice in his head telling him to get all those animals on a boat before the whole world flooded.
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by sunofgodshine January 29, 2019
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1. Any item that is new or technically advanced.

2. A new building in a community that is vastly superior to all other buildings already present.
The university is building a state of the ark scoreboard in the stadium.
by Philo Beddoe February 05, 2010
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