A series of 3 Rugby League games held each year in Australia between teams from New South Wales and Queensland.

Started in 1980, the series has achieved legendary status and is now the showpiece of world rugby league. Teams are selected from the best players in the NRL, based on where the players played their junior rugby league. As a result the matches are usually filled with exciting plays, individual brilliance and memorable tries.

A similar concept was attempted by the AFL during the 1980's but failed dismally.

SOO (abbrev.) Individual matches are referred to as SOO1, SOO2 and SOO3.
Hey Davo, do you remember that Mark Coyne try in State Of Origin '94? What a ripper!
by doc brown June 23, 2007
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The Rugby League State of Origin is a yearly "best out of three" series of Aussie interstate rugby league matches between the Canetoads and the Cockroaches.

The State of Origin series is one of Australia's most look foward to sporting events. All eyes are glued to the televisions as the shops and neighbours alike adorn their houses with their teams colours.

State of Origin has the reputation of being one of the toughest, hardest-fought rugby league matches played anywhere in the world.
The Canetoads are going to kick the Cockroaches to kingdom come in this year's State of Origin.
by Woohzal March 11, 2008
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Australia’s most prized possession. Three games a year of insanely intense rugby league between two teams aka states. Queensland (QLD) and New South Wales (NSW), but the two teams are usually referred to by the colour of their team and mascot animal. QLD maroons/ Cane Toads and NSW blues/ Cockroaches. They battle to the death, dirty neck grabs and fights are all apart of the fun. The three series game began in 1982 and so far Queensland leads with a staggering 23 more won series and a 8 year streak of wins. New South Wales trailing behind with 14 wins. Get ready for 2019!
Up the maroons! No, State of Origin is a game that only the blues can win!
by I_Am_The_Queen January 18, 2019
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