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Starr Commonwealth is a therapeutic boarding school for both boys and girls. It specializes in Substance abuse, Psychical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, and even the every day family problems. Starr Commonwealth is also known for lying to the families and students. They say that you will have lots of contact with your friends and family while you are away, but no I never was allowed to talk to my friends, and received one phone call a week to my family, each for 15 minutes of time. They also told me we would receive our cell phones and laptops upon good behavior. That was a lie, we were never allowed to have any of those items. The closest thing to electronics we were allowed to have were camera's and cell phones. Every day, or at least almost everyday someone would have a temper tantrum and would have to get restrained to cool down. It was scary. I see this place as a nicer prison. DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS THERE!
Boarding Schools Starr Commonwealth
by Anon2974 July 14, 2011
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Starr Commonwealth is a Boys and Girls Residential Boarding School Treatment Center, that helps teens learn how to be the best they can be. It is located in Albion, Michigan, Columbus Ohio, and Detroit Michigan.They treat kids who suffer from Trauma, and who have been involved in various crimes such as Sexual offenses, Substance Abuse, Physical Abuse, and Everyday parents/teen troubles. This school did not help me as I thought it should. I got raped, then I suffered from Trauma. Sucks...This school is also a lie. They tell you that you will always have contact with your parents, but really you only get one phone call a week. You do get to email them everyday. You must stay with the group the whole time you are there, if you don't you get restraint. Ouch...What a lie. Do not send your kids there.
school Starr Commonwealth
by Anonymous3488 May 24, 2011
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