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A term that didn't exist until people misheard Taylor Swift's lyrics in Blank Space, when she actually says "list of ex-lovers."

You'll notice that Blank Space first aired on the radio on November 10th, 2014 - and the term popped up shortly after that.
Taylor Swift: Got a long list of ex-lovers, they'll tell you I'm insane.

Hearing-impaired preteen: Durrr what does "Starbucks lovers" mean? I know - I'll make up a definition and put it on Urban Dictionary!
by ZmanIsTheMan3 January 09, 2016
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1. People who love Starbucks
2. People who are awake all night 'loving' because they had Starbucks coffee.
3. Taylor Swift's exes.
John: Gonna go chill with my Starbucks lovers
Bill: Was the plural intended?
John: Yes!
by TheAussieCreeper March 30, 2015
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an ex that you can only meet at starbucks. Due to the awkwardness of meeting in a bedroom neither of you want to meet in either of your dorms, nor do you want to do anything that could be considered a date such as seeing a movie, or getting dinner, so you just keep meeting up at starbucks. Made popular by the Taylor Swift song Blank Space
Jim: we're past the awkward hostile ex phase but we're not really friends yet. we just keep meeting up at Starbucks.

Jane: sounds like you're starbucks lovers
by second chance December 15, 2014
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