1. Nothingness, nonexistence, unreality.
2. The state of your fridge.
3. The antithesis of any surface area in my room.
3. The day I stop loving you.
When asked to describe a PSP, Aisa's mind fell into an abyss of blank space.
by Yellow Koala April 13, 2005
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/blæŋk speɪs/

1. to be one of Taylor's exes.
2. a person who played on a bunch of rich boys and got the money.

VERB (blank spacing, blank spaced)
3. to play on a bunch of rich boys.
4. to wake up in a white bed, with a black dress and a black sleeping mask over your head, and holding a cute white cat.

5. "Gotta love these Starbucks lovers."
He's a blank space.
My cousin just blank spaced!
by L'Enchanté January 26, 2021
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A vagina (or anus if referring to a bottom gay guy) that is not in regular use. Coined by Taylor Swift.
Guy 1: "Did you 'write your name' in Taylor Swift's blank space last night?"
Guy 2: "Does that mean indabutt?"
Guy 1: "No, other hole."
Guy 2: "Then yes. And if you did mean the butt, then the answer would also be yes."
Guy 1: "You sure did 'tail her swift'!"
Guy 2: "Taylor Swift? Barely even know her!"
by Nicholas D November 12, 2015
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if someone says “i relate to the blank space girl”run. shes insane. red flags are waving 🚩🚩🚩
“i relate to the blank space girl” she said. and he ran.
by taylor swift is my bestie April 22, 2022
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