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Those three movies that the majority of Star Wars fanboys are always whining about, most likely because of them them being very different from the original trilogy. The fact that both the prequel trilogy and the original trilogy contain some of the same flaws is usually ignored, as well as anything that the prequel trilogy did well.
Guy 1: "Ugh, the Star Wars prequel trilogy make me sick. Anakin and Padme have no chemistry, and all the characters that were supposed to be cool were not developed at all. And what's with CGI Yoda? It's just a mess. Nothing good came from these movies at all."

Guy 2: "Uh, Anakin and Padme have about as much chemistry as Han and Leia, Boba Fett has always been a fan favorite despite having almost no character development whatsoever in the original trilogy. And tell me, how else would they actually show Yoda demonstrating that he's supposed to be a Jedi Master if he was still a puppet? And please don't try and say that the prequels did nothing well at all, the Clone Wars story was quite interesting, we actually got to see what the Jedi were like before they were almost entirely wiped out, and so much was added to the series that we haven't seen before. Such as various characters, races, technology, planets, etc. Just to name a few things."
by Aralvar April 15, 2013
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When something wonderful and amazing is followed by something that is so shitty in comparison that you want to go home, watch the original, awesome thing while eating ice cream and cry. Named for the infamous Star Wars prequel trilogy (except for, debatably, Episode III).
Guy 1: Man, Bill Clinton's presidency was so awesome. I can't believe how horrible Bush's was.

Guy 2: Yeah, that's a star wars prequel trilogy right there.
by smpoza February 13, 2009
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