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1. To fall asleep, often in conjunction with attempting to stay awake and subsequently failing. Often happens during great sporting events during those boring middle bits, right before the epicness of the finale.

2. To announce one's desire for a short nap, to go and take said nap, and then fail to return at the announced time. The only logical explanation being that one has fallen asleep again.
"I missed the end of the 2008 Brazilian GP."
"Why? The final two laps made my little brother's head explode with excitement!"
"I Stanway'd..."
"LOL you loser."

Jason: "Righto lads, I'm off for a half-hour power nap."
Rick: "k"
Steve: "alright"
Lance: "cya later man"
*some considerable time passes*
Steve: "hey, what ever happened to jason? he said he'd be back two hours ago!"
Rick: "lol, he must've stanway'd"
Lance: "lmao, what a loser!"
by EsbenT January 02, 2009
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1) a term for shit in North Essex

2) a non league team in Essex (Stanway Rover) who are a bit shit.
Watched Doctors on telly yesterday. God it was stanway.
by Simmo61 June 06, 2017
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