A sexual innuendo for the male genitalia sent to a person of opposite sex as a picture who does not want it but receives it anyway.
"Hey girl, do you want to see my stamp collection?"
"Yesterday, the weirdest thing happened. John asked me if I wanted to see his stamp collection. I didn't know he collected stamps."
by Pantslesspuma July 4, 2017
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An frivilous pursuit requiring only time and the ability to repeat things verbatim like a Parrot.

See Botany, Microbiology and Art.
Ernest Rutherford (1st Baron Rutherford of Nelson and known as the "father" of nuclear physics) was quoted as saying:

"Physics is the only real science. The rest are just stamp collecting."
by Chaucer_had_it_coming February 1, 2010
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To go from bar to bar collecting hand stamps at the entrances.
This weekend we're going bar hopping or stamp collecting.
by GUNNER636 January 24, 2009
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