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Pronunciation: \ˈstä-lōnes\ \'lo\
Function: noun

A law of physics, (not unlike Murphy's Law), stating that in the event a main character is being shot at by any amount of bad guys, the main character has a better chance of killing all the bad guys than the bad guys have of killing him.
Friend: "That guy just killed like 50 people! How did he do that?"

You: "Stallone's Law."
by Dr, No. April 16, 2010
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Stallone's Law states that (when guns are involved, usually) 1 man has better chances of killing 20 men than 20 men killing 1.

This refers to poorly-written action movies where pursuers of the movie's heroine have terrible aim and don't hit the main character, but instead hit surrounding metal objects so that a cool spark effect can ensue.
Person 1: "This movie is retarded, how come those stereotypical movie bad guys with the leather jackets and the foreign accents can't hit the main character? They seem to do perfectly fine hitting the stairs and the metal railing.."

Person 2: "Because he's a loose-cannon cop who plays by his own rules, bitch."
by Skeeter McDougal July 19, 2005
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