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A drinking game incorporating the elements of a table knife games. Each person does one stab between each fingers, one row per turn (One row = between all 5 fingers). Next round is One row and back. And then it continues back on forth, increasing the times you go back over with the knife by one row each turn. Every time you hit your finger, you have to take a shot of hard liquor (nothing under 25% Alc./vol.), then next turn you re-try the same amount of rows.

-First to 10, 20, 30 or however many rows you want to set for a goal wins.

-Not a game for pussies or anyone afraid of being cut. -Reasonable strength and speed must be kept, regardless of intoxication.
-Stitches or medical attention must wait until game completion.
-Any reasonable knife works. 5-8 inches works best. I find steak knifes are the best. (Not too sharp or dull.)
My hand is so fucked up from playing Stabhand last night.
by Nihilist_Justin November 18, 2009
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