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A place in Vermont where hicks, hippies and ex-crack addict wiggers with traces of mental retardation smoke meth and shoot up heroin out of complete and utter boredom. Besides the high, withdrawing is about the most fun you'll have in that shithole. They have a McDonald's, a school that demands its cock is sucked dry, a Chinese restaraunt only the owner's mother could love, and police that have nothing better to do but write tickets to people smoking cigarrettes. Everybody there wants to kill themselves and stuffs their body with heroin, nicotine and fast food to help move the process along. A town of faggots. It is New Englands unwiped asshole. Flush it down the toilet.
-New Yorker of Caucasian desecent: Man I sucked some dick in the St. Johnsbury McDonald's bathroom for some grade A heroin.
-New Yorker of African-American descent: Ew dog, that's gross. You sucked someones dick?
-New Yorker of Caucasian descent: Yeah but it was the only slightly interesting thing to do in that town besides shootin heroin into my ass cheek, chain smoking Newports or blowing my brains out.
-New Yorker of African-American descent: Word, I feel ya cuz, I was tempted to tickle some redneck's asshole for some meth, but I just decided to slam my head against the wall until I was unconcious instead.
-New Yorker of Caucasian descent: I don't blame you, good thing were back in New York City. Hardy har har.
-New Yorker of African-American descent: Word, dog.
by Vermont Sucks December 08, 2008
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